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Team Rotations and Continuity

 While on service for combined OB/GYN rotations, residents care for both obstetric and gynecologic inpatients and outpatients. All residents have a continuity clinic each week to see the obstetric and gynecologic patients they will be following for the duration of their residency training. Senior residents and faculty are in the clinic for supervision and consultation.

The team rotation is designed to emulate an OB/GYN group practice. Teams consist of residents of various training levels. Each team has a designated clinic day, surgery day, and labor and delivery day, with the other two week days being divided among the teams to include additional OR time, labor and delivery experience, and specialty clinics including colposcopy clinic.

Night Call Rotation

In 1980, the department established a "night call" float rotation for our residents. It remains a popular rotation. During this rotation, three residents cover the Wishard Obstetric Intensive Care Unit Sunday through Thursday nights from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. the next morning. Residents are then free to go home and rest. On Friday morning the night call resident has the opportunity to follow his/her own patients in a brief continuity of care clinic.


Primary Care

As obstetricians/gynecologists become more involved with issues of primary care, we felt it important to broaden our residents experience in these areas. All interns spend one rotation on the ambulatory medicine service. Time during this rotation is spent in general medicine and subspecialty clinics within the Wishard Community Clinics and is a valuable experience for the obstetrician/gynecologist.

Residents spend time as a second-year resident in the Emergency Room at Wishard Hospital seeing all patients with gynecologic complaints.



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 Family Planning

All methods of birth control are prescribed by the residents. Birth control methods are prescribed in all clinics as part of total patient care. IUDs are placed at the Primary Care Center by residents. Using a variety of surgical approaches and techniques, residents learn the most current as well as other acceptable routine steriilization practices.

During the Family Practice rotation, all interns are offered an opportunity to learn the techniques of current methods of pregnancy termination including menstrual aspiration, suction curettage, and D&C. Patients with pregnancies that have complex and lethal birth defects may choose to undergo termination at IU Hospital using labor induction methods. Although residents are not required to perform elective termination of pregnancy, they are required to observe counseling, view a videotape describing the risks, and learn how to handle complications.


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