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IU Kenya Program

Indiana University is the founding U.S. partner and leader of the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH), a globally-praised, large-scale community-based program that is dramatically improving health in western Kenya through research, training, and health services delivery.  

A consortium of institutional partners from North America work closely with colleagues at the Moi University School of Medicine and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya.   AMPATH serves nearly two million persons and includes programs that promote the health of individuals and communities; prevent disease; enhance research, human capacity development, medical care and service delivery; foster economic well-being; increase food security; and mitigate the social consequences of illness and disease.

In 2009 the IU Department of OB/GYN joined the University of Toronto as co-sponsors of Reproductive Health for AMPATH.  We began program of sending faculty mentors, residents and students to participate in AMPATH in 2010, and supported the first Reproductive Health Field Director.  Our model of engagement focuses on capacity-building and development.  All Reproductive Health initiatives, in education, research and service, are co-led by our Kenyan partners. 

A formal Global Health Track was created within the residency program and we currently have an active program of Residents and faculty in Africa for elective rotations.  (See details of the Global Residency Track under Education).  Each year we host a Kenyan registrar (resident) pursuing a M.Med. degrees in OB/GYN at Moi University. 

Facilitating our program is the Reproductive Health Field Director, Dr. Astrid Christoffersen-Deb (U of Toronto) and a Reproductive Team Leader funded by IU OB/GYN. 

The Department has provided support for the Moi University collaboration in a number of ways: learning exchanges of faculty and residents, medical student electives, and support for a Maternity Educator as well as the Team Leader position.   

AMPATH Reproductive Health has expanded beyond its origins in preventive of maternal-to-child transmission of HIV to include emergency obstetrics, maternal-neonatal-child health, primary health care, family planning, fistula repair, cervical cancer screening, a Gynecologic Oncology fellowship and quality improvement programs for hospital-based care.   The research portfolio has also grown, as Kenyans have become more involved in grant-writing efforts as well as research presentations and publications.

Learning Exchanges:

The Department of OB/GYN hosts African faculty from Moi University who wish to visit Indiana University to engage in faculty development activities so that they can return to Kenya and share information with their fellow faculty at Moi University. 

IU Faculty Trips to Kenya:

 A number of IU faculty members have visited Kenya to provide special skills and expertise.  One such exchange involved Drs. Kelly Kasper and Dr. Greg Raff, who travelled to Moi University to instruct and mentor the local staff in the procedures of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery.  Dr. Raff conducted lectures and a hands-on workshop for staff physicians and residents.  He took with him box trainers for the staff to practice the techniques and improve their skill sets and left them with a small video library to continue their training.  Dr. Learman has made several visits to Kenya to support the Reproductive Health program and to engage in student and resident teaching, evaluation and research mentoring.


IU faculty and residents have contributed to several Reproductive Health projects in Kenya.

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