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PREGMED is The Indiana University Center for Pharmacogenetics and Therapeutics Research in Maternal and Child Health. It is an IUPUI designated Signature Center and is a multidisciplinary research collaboration between the Department of OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Clinical Pharmacology whose objective is the study of Pharmacogenetics and Therapeutics in Maternal and Child Health.


The mission of PREGMED continues to be to improve pharmacotherapy for women and children using a personalized medicine approach that builds on the strength of Indiana University in the areas of pharmacogenomics, clinical obstetrics, and pediatrics. The center’s activities focus on the vision of developing new paradigms for the treatment of the multiple important conditions that affect pregnant women and children. This mission is unchanged with the exception of an expanded focus on education in this understudied area (as evidenced by the addition of “Education” to the Center title). The long-term goals of the center are to serve as a leader in the field of maternal-fetal pharmacology and to be a collaborative research leader in translating basic research into clinical studies that can drive a more personalized pharmacotherapy approach to maternal and child therapeutics.

Unique and Distinctive Features

PREGMED builds on the strengths of the IU School of Medicine in the areas of obstetrics, neonatology, and the cutting edge science of pharmacogenomics. A multi-disciplinary approach to the research includes faculty from the Center for Bioethics, School of Nursing, Department of Biostatistics, Psychiatry, Pediatric Endocrinology, and Bioinformatics. PREGMED at IUSM brings a diverse, unique, and collaborative set of skills and strengths to the study of maternal-fetal pharmacology. We have the expertise to conduct a wide array of collaborative projects across the translational spectrum.

Another major accomplishment was the establishment of an OB/Clin Pharm Fellowship postdoctoral training program. Jointly funded by the OBGYN Department and the Division of Clinical Pharmacology, a fellowship program was started in 2012 specifically to train physicians and researchers in maternal-fetal pharmacology. Our 2nd fellow is currently in training. Our first fellow, Nadia Falah, graduated and went on for further training in a prominent Genetics Fellowship at University of Miami, FL. Our current fellow, Rebecca Pierson, is an OBGYN physician who is performing research in the pharmacogenetics of ovulation induction agents. Both have benefitted from the joint mentorship of several PREGMED faculty members, all of whom are intimately involved in the specific training of these fellows.


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