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Retreats and Activities

Each year, our residents participate in several unique events that are designed to provide additional time and space for growth as a cohesive unit.

Intern Orientation

Prior to beginning the residency program, all interns participate in an intern orientation. The orientation occurs in the last couple weeks in June and provides a time for residents to complete some of the administrative duties that need to be completed prior to residency. More importantly, the time is designed as an Intern Boot Camp that introduces or re-introduces our new residents to Ob/Gyn specific skills and knowledge.

Resident Retreat

Each fall, all residents in the program participate in a full day educational retreat. Faculty cover for the residents at each site the night prior to the retreat and during the day so that all residents are able to attend. The retreat is designed to provide time and education that will allow our residents to improve their skills as teachers. Recent topics include: giving feedback, teamwork, teaching in the OR, communication, etc.

Team Building

Soon after the intern class arrives, the residents spend one didactic morning in July on a team building exercise. This is a great chance for everyone to get to know each other a little better and often provides lots of laughs. The chief resident is responsible for determining the team building activity for the year.

Service Projects

Our residents not only serve their patient population, but also serve their community. Residents and faculty come together several times a year to complete service projects that help us to stay in touch with the community we serve. Past projects include, Mother’s Day goodie bags delivered to a local domestic violence shelter and clothing drives.

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